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Why paint?

Painting your house has several benefits:
  • Increases home value by an average of 152%

      "By giving your home exterior a fresh coat of           paint, owners can add "an estimated 152%             ROI or 5% more in retail value"

                              -National Realtors Association

  • Gives a great first impression
  • Provides the first wave of protection from wind, rain, and sun
  • Reinforces wall integrity
  • Rids your exterior of mold and burrowing insects.
  • Paint protection lasts 4-10 years


We are an exterior residential painting company located in Largo, FL.

The outside of your home makes the first impression to the world. Exterior paint is the leading indicator of beauty and protection.

Our Residential Exterior Painting Services

When Bastion Painting works on the exterior of your home, we make sure we’re working with material that is properly primed. That means removing dirt and mildew in order to create a clean, even surface. When these unwanted details are removed, the paint lasts longer and looks better, too.

Bastion Painting knows what it takes to create a custom paint job for the exterior of your home, a paint job that will catch the eyes of you and your neighbors for many years to come. Since the exterior of a home is its first impression on the world, we want to make sure yours is the best that it can be.

While we paint, we will cover all fixtures that are not meant to be painted, including outdoor lights, decorations, and plants. We put the utmost care into every paint job that we complete in Largo and surrounding areas.

Our Process

1. Wash the Exterior

Paint won’t adhere well to exteriors that are dirty or coated in mold or mildew. Using a special cleanser, we wash the areas of your home that we’ll be painting.


2. Scrape Loose Paint

After the clapboards are dry, we’ll get to work scraping off the old, loose paint. You don’t want an exterior paint job that’s bumpy and textured, and neither do we, so we won’t paint over old, loose paint.


3. Sanding

We move any remaining rough spots with a sander.


4. Make Repairs

Next, we look for any minor dents, dings, and chips so we can fill them in with putty. We want to place your new paint over a surface that is as flawless as possible.

5. Apply Primer

Primer acts as a base that topcoat can stick to, so we’ll apply white, gray, or tinted primer to your home.


6. Caulk Joints

Caulk gives paint jobs a smooth, beautiful look, but its beauty is more than skin deep. It can also prevent air leaks and block water penetration.


7. Paint

This is the fun part. We paint your home exterior the color of your choosing.


8. Final Walkthrough

This is the more fun part. We walk you around the project and make sure there are no touchups or fixes that need to be done.

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Email:                  Phone: (727) 351-2822

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